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The Demon Plight Saga

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Worlds collide.  Demons appear in the dark.  Mysteries abound.

The Well

When at the age of 19 Kalim begins to have strange dreams of magical creatures, he never considers that they just might be real.  When it is brought to his attention that there are parallels between what he sees and knows to be true, he embarks on a dangerous quest to discover the truth.  There are dangers in his path, including the grotesque demons hiding in the forests.

The Cave

Kalim has made a formidable discovery that will turn the tide in the fight against the demons.  That is just a small piece of the puzzle as his mother has held a secret of her own.  Together, they will return to the cave to delve deeper into the mystery which has haunted their family for generations.

The Demon

Experience life on the other side of the portal.  Dojé is a talented but clumsy mage with a tendency to say all the wrong things.  Tasked with finding the source of the mysterious beam of light emanating from the portal in the forbidden zone, Dojé is more than excited to fulfil the task.  It should be no surprise that things don’t go as planned.